Voyager avec nous? 

"Seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin"

C'est pour cela que nous vous invitons à rejoindre Certaines de nos aventures.

Des aventures humaines, basées sur le sens du partage, la solidarité et l'esprit d'équipe

En plus comme on dit: Plus on est de fous plus on rit !!! 

A travers ces événements, on vous invite à vivre une aventure en mode Mak&Cha. 

Et qui dit Mak&Cha dit : backpacking, aventure, nature, adrénaline,  camping, randonnée,escalade,  spéléologie, parapente, rafting, kayaking , fishing  etc ..

Alors si vous avez la volonté, la capacité et le courage de le faire, n’hésitez  surtout pas à partir avec nous  

Upcoming trips

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Discover The Land of the Midnight Sun
2021, Fev 27 - Mar 6
Brace yourselves and pack your bags for an epic winter trip to our incredibly magical new destination: NORWAY, the land of fjords, northern lights, unspoiled nature, and friendly communities!
Island hopping & hidden paradise
2021, Mar 8 - Mar 18
Are you looking for an intimate, chill, adventurous-like retreat? This one is for you!
Following the steps of the Incas in Peru
2021, Apr 5 - Apr 16
Get ready to live an unforgettable experience that will be scratched in your heart and mind forever!
The ultimate South West Coast USA Road Trip
2021, Aug 15 - Aug 28
This one will be a summer trip, but not any summer trip since we’ll be roaming around with our CAMPING CARS!
Turkey from another perspective
2021, Jul 4 - Jul 11
This time, we are flying to one of the most cherished destinations in the world!
The Great Empire of Mongolia
2021, Sep 22 - Oct 7
To travel to Mongolia is to experience the unique nomadic lifestyle, to meet some of the most generous and welcoming people in the world, and to marvel at the expansive landscapes that will take your breath away.
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Past trips 

The Right Way to Explore Morocco
2017, Jan 7 - Jan 14
We loved this getaway to the tender arms of nature and we savored the invigorating sensations generated from the ascent of Mount Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak.
Ascent of Mount Rinjani
2017, Aug 6 - Aug 14
This trip was definitely an energy booster! Its main highlight was the Mount Rinjani ascent but this venture had much more to it. We dived to the cores of Indonesia's volcanoes, to the mazes of its jungles, and to the hidden stories of its temples!
Adrenaline Boost & New Year Celebration
2018, Dec 23 - Jan 2
This trip was not only a life celebration of the wonders that this planet has to offer but also a way to make proper goodbyes to 2018 by welcoming new opportunities and opening up to unconventional experiences.
Amazing Lanka, The land of serendipity
2019, Mar 4 - Mar 14
This trip was packed with delights! Starting from our elephant safari in Udawalawe, to the thrilling Adam's Peak ascent, already making a party of vigorous sensations amid our hearts. Then, there was also the best train ride in the world, along with the visit of the almost-flying “Nine Arch Bridge", suspended in the midst of the forest.
Holi celebrations & Himalayan trek
2019, Mar 18 - Mar 30
During this trip, our compass took us to India and nothing felt more right! We celebrated the holi festival of colors, wondered around the Taj Mahal, hiked the himalayas and did paragliding in the second highest spot in the world.
2019, Apr 3 - Apr 13
Since watching “the prince of Persia '' was not enough, we decided to go discover the mysterious Persian empire by ourselves
The ultimate Malaysian Borneo experience
2019, Jul 29 - Aug 7
Being in the center of 3 places at the same time, Borneo was our portal for the matter! Indonesia by south, Brunei by east, and Malaysia by north, you already get a tidbit of the amount of beauty that we experienced!
Road trip across North Vietnam
2019, Oct 7 - Oct 18
When Vietnam called our souls we didn't have much of a choice so we packed our bags and went for a new adventure!
Hakuna Matata, Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar
The Hakuna Matata spirit took us to the nooks of Mama Africa for this getaway! It was one hell of an adventure!
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